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Line of Prayer Desks

Prayer Desks

Our handcrafted desks are not designed for computers or calculating machines and each desk is made with great care. We take great pride in what we manufacture and that has been consistent for us since 1972. This is simply a place to go from your hectic daily life to a place of rest to study your Bible, pray, or just simply write a letter or card the old fashioned way.

We've used pocket hole and screw construction methods on these desks because we belive this is the best building method in the industry today. The finish on these desks are a pre-catalyzed lacquer finish that is very durable. Each desk is registered with us at the shop and you may call us at any time for the information. We maintain records of each individually numbered desk and the date of it's completion will be on file.

If you will notice, we have a Bible verse on each bottom drawer front. Thus the names of the desks: Joshua, John, Romans, and Revelation. We also produce custom desks for many different special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays, or bridal gifts. We hope that each day you look at your desk that you are reminded of the words in the verse and that it helps you in your daily life.